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While implementing plans to increase brand awareness marketers try every trick in the book while ignoring the most important medium – Google AdWords. Social media and other channels are banked on while this great tool is ignored.

There was a time when ‘Hype’ and ‘Buzz’ were considered unquantifiable and were difficult to correlate to ROI.
Thankfully, things are not as they used to be and you can now use Google Display Network to increase your brand awareness.

Here is how you can do it:

Set Your Goals : No plan is worth its salt if you do not have a definite goal. Therefore narrow down your goals to begin with. Answer the following questions and you zero in on your goals:

  • Do you want increased brand loyalty from your existing customers?
  • Do you wish to have improved engagement with your target audience?
  • Do you want positive affiliations for your service/product?
  • Do your goals include all the above?

Clarity of goals is of utmost importance because from there on every action or move you make should be aimed at achieving your goals.

Well Defined Metrics

You need to measure your performance hence the need for clearly defined metrics. Generally brand awareness campaign metrics are:

  • Reach: Total number of viewers your ad was exposed to.
  • Impressions: The number of people that actually viewed your advertisement.
  • Frequency: How many times they saw your ad.
  • Actions: What was the searchers reaction to your ad. How many converted and how many merely clicked on the ad.

Reach Your Target Audience

This is one crucial step you have to pay attention to. As is well known amongst smart marketers placement targeting plays a big role in the success of a campaign. Here tools like Google Ad Planner and AdWords placement help you reach sites which are frequented by your target audience.

Wow Your Target Audience

Use rich media instead of text ads. However, you will have to test extensively to find the one that best suits your product and service. Whether you use animations, text, images, or video there are hundreds of ways by which you can hold their attention. Get creative!

Stay Within Your Budget

Monitor your expenses to make sure you are within your allotted budget. In case you are looking for maximum exposure then CPM (cost per mile) is the way forward. However, if you want greater interaction with your targeted audience, opt for the CPC (cost per click) model. Deciding the CPM max is tricky, but you can make a start by assigning what you would normally pay if you were using the CPC and slowly increase it.

Use the five tips above to increase your brand awareness without breaking a sweat!

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