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If you have mainly depended on Google’s keyword tool for sourcing your keywords then your SEO strategy might not have provided the desired results. Google Analytics fails to provide precise information on organic search results as well as keywords that you have failed to capitalize upon.

In addition, the tool also fails to factor how specific keywords can work wonders for your unique website. You need to consider several related facets of your keywords such as synonyms, misspellings, plurals, etc., as well as consider clicks, costs for each keyword, conversions, etc., to get the complete picture.

A better idea would be to delve inwards into your own AdWords data to locate hidden keywords that hold very high potential to optimize your website. You can begin by seeking our specific search queries that were typed by users before they actually clicked on your advt. This can be located in the Keywords Detail section under the All Campaigns option. You should remember to select a wider time period to get as many search queries as you can to trawl them for the best possible keywords.

There are several advantages to using keywords from your own AdWords query data. You can get detailed performance reports of your shortlisted keywords such as capture and conversion rates. In addition, you can segregate data from different geographical locations using AdWords to find out how potential traffic from your targeted regions is reacting to your campaign.

However, since the volume of data could be quite large, especially more with a wider date range, you will need to filter out potential keywords that have miniscule impression volume. You can use AdWords filters to further narrow down the keywords and convert the remaining into an Excel file.

Once you have a decent spread of potential keywords on your hands then you can use SEO tools to latch on to the final few. Tracking keyword conversions, cost-per-click, click-through-rates, impressions, and several other tools can help you hone in on the chosen keywords. Your next step should be to organize and group them in a manner that best suits your specific website. You can use keyword grouper tools such as Keywords Research Suite to get the best possible keyword themes for your site.

By using your own AdWords Account, you can certainly unearth a wealth of potential keywords that can be further filtered and refined to provide optimum results. You should try the above technique to definitely improve your SEO strategy.

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