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If your small, medium, or large business is directed at users in different locations of the globe then the Google Analytics Location Report can help you boost your business in an informed manner. However, you need to learn more about this useful tool to uncover all its features along with hidden markets.

The location report can help you understand the location from where visitors and potential clients visit your website, although this data is based on their IP address and not on their physical location, which could be different. However, this report can certainly help you benchmark the available data, view and analyze your visitors based on their location, and change your strategy for improved results.

There are several methods to extracting the desired information from the location report. You can click on the displayed map and report links as well as utilize those links to get reports based on visits from a specific city, continent or sub-continent. You can also review your goals as well as apply advanced segments to those reports.

You can begin by viewing the map that shows you visits made from different locations of the world based on your visitors IP addresses. If you take your mouse on a country, you will be able to view that country’s name as well as number of visits from that country to your website. You can also view different metrics including revenue and transactions from that country by using the drop-down menu on the top-left side of the map.

However, make sure that you consider only those metrics that provide an average rather than those that provide high/low visits since that will not provide accurate figures. You can further click on a country to zoom in so as to view data by region in the form of state, city, town, etc. You will be able to view navigational links while clicking between various regions, which in turn will make your job a lot easier.

You will also be able to compare data and performance between different locations. For instance, if you observe that a city delivers far better performance compared to another in the same country then you can take suitable action to attract more visitors from that particular region. You can provide special offers to attract more visitors and increase conversions from that city.

Additionally, this report can also help you identify cities that hold good potential for expansion, especially if you see traffic from cities where you do not provide your services.

You can also use the Advanced Segments section located at the +New Custom segment to compare data of different countries in detail. You can use this segment to select between different continents, sub-continents, countries, territories, cities, and metros. You will be able to view and compare different forms of content that have resulted in high or low traffic from those regions.

You can dig in a lot deeper and identify traffic by specific devices or those based on specific keywords and identify behavioral patterns. In case you notice unusual activity that has the ability to twist your data, you can isolate that data so that it does not affect your report in an adverse manner.

You can further use location segments to tag visitors from specific locations. This data is gathered by remarketing cookies and you can activate Google AdWords to display relevant ads to specific viewers based on their location.

You can make a remarketing list that can help you in different situations such as the opening of a new store, offering special discounts or events at specific stores, introduction of new or limited products at specific stores, free deliveries at specific locations, announce book signings, etc.

Even though the Google Analytics Location Report is based on IP addresses rather than physical locations, it still offers a wonderful opportunity to track visits and other related metrics based on location, uncover hidden markets, channelize your money effectively to specific locations, and boost your business in a very efficient manner.

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