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There is a plethora of social media platforms available for marketers to promote content online. More often than not marketers overlook one that could be the most relevant and productive. Tumblr is one such platform that is often overlooked in favor of the other hyped platforms. Here is why and how you can use this amazing platform to promote your content.

But, before we go further here are some statistics you need to look at:

  • Tumblr ranks at 28 in terms of highest traffic
  • More than 130.5 million blogs on Tumblr as of today
  • Almost 50% of Tumblr users are below the age of 25
  • Close to 300 million visitors a month
  • More than half of all these visitors/users, approx 54%, are female

It is no wonder that big brands have taken note of these amazing stats. In May of this year Yahoo purchased Tumblr for more than a billion dollars and today almost all big brands have Tumblr presence. Some prominent brands like ebay, GQ, Disney, Gucci, Adidas, Coca Cola, BMW, NBA, etc are present on Tumblr. This demonstrates the kind of standing this platform enjoys with some of the top companies in the world. If you don’t have a presence here you are out of sync with the rest of the world.

So, what is Tumblr?

It combines the functionality of several platforms like Facebook and WordPress. It is essentially a blog platform with features like following, hashtags, sharing, and liking. Pinterest comes close to Tumblr except that instead of multiple boards as in Pinterest, Tumblr has a single blog. It is not just a blog as it allows users to share and like each other’s content.

Here are some of the benefits of Tumblr:

Being a blogging platform at its core, Tumblr has the dofollow feature which users can use. Tumblr users also have full control on how their Tumblrog looks. Sharing feature on Tumblr is called reblogging. In case you have a popular post which is followed by 100 other users you get 100 dofollow backlinks. Plus the added advantage is you can include the link your post itself. Other social media platforms like Google+ and Pinterest have started this feature, but Tumblr has the most active community that uses this feature.

Tumblr is great place where you can also discover good relevant content like images or memes. Unlike Facebook users actually use hashtags for content discovery. Your content can be discovered by others if it is really great. The great thing about the dofollow feature, unlike Facebook, is that you don’t need too many followers for your content to generate backlinks.

Another aspect of Tumblr that appeals is that it allows you to test your content. The dashboard is chronological as Twitter. In Facebook the amount of content you can post at once is constrained, but in Tumblr you can post huge amount of content. In case is the content is not of great quality Tumblr users ignore it and scroll down.

Today Tumblr is the most used microblogging site in the world. Setting up is fast and easy as WordPress and even easier to manage.

All in all this is a great tool to promote your products/services/brand online. It offers you yet another opportunity to establish presence on the web.

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