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If you have picked up vital tips on our earlier posts on keyword research then we will now proceed with other SEO techniques that also play a vital role in boosting search page rankings.

This post will delve upon ON Page SEO and why it is so important for any SEO campaign.


This term basically applies to all content on the website that will influence the way major search engines seek out and position your website in page rankings. Since search engine bots can only understand text, it is important that the content of the website be rich in keywords that are related to any specific search made by your targeted audience.

What consists of ON Page SEO?

In addition to core keywords that would include long tailed keywords, related keywords, long key phrases, localized keywords and even synonyms and misspelled words, your ON Page SEO content would also include keywords that are present in meta tags, alt tags, description tags and page title tags, among many others that are recognized by most search engines.

Why is this so important in an SEO campaign?

Search Engine Optimization Services involves not only seeking out the best possible keywords for a specific website, but also sprinkling in those keywords at the right intervals and in the right proportion that is based on the requirements of most major search engines. Since each search engine is able to recognize and index only textual data that is available on a web page, the importance of ON Page SEO cannot be stressed enough since a website that contains updated content that matches all the criteria of that search engine will end up with a very high page ranking.

What can I do to improve the content of the website?

As mentioned above, you should indulge in detailed keyword research after studying the business model of the website very carefully. You should also avoid stuffing each webpage with a single or all keywords since search engine robots are intelligent enough to recognize such tactics and will reward such an act by declaring such websites as spam. You should utilize the free PageRank Tool to constantly check the page ranking of your desired website after each SEO tweaking exercise.

As you would have realized by now, ON Page SEO is a critical compilation of all data present on each web page of your website and is very important in pleasing major search engines as well as leading targeted traffic towards your chosen website.

Please await our next post on the importance of Meta Tags and Title Tags in any webpage, and ways to improve your rankings using these vital features.

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