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In the 10 Tips for Hotel Internet Marketing – Part 1 and 10 Tips for Hotel Internet Marketing – Part 2, we have already discussed the first six tips for conducting effective hotel internet marketing. These tips are:

1. Have a secure and mobile-friendly website.

2. Start blogging.

3. Create social media pages.

4. Join online communities and blog about the top tourist attractions in your place.

5. Use stunning photos and interesting short videos.

6. Do local SEO.

Let us now see further.

7. Invest in PPC Advertisements.

Investing in PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements is an ideal hotel internet marketing tactic to amplify your search engine visibility in a short time. Google Adwords program allows companies to bid and pay for sponsored ads to be displayed on the top and bottom (in a different section) of the search engine result pages for specific keywords.A PPC campaign ran successfully can deliver quicker results than a SEO campaign since the latter requires a lot of efforts and time to produce results. However, the results produced by SEO are bound to last longer. One more advantage of a PPC campaign is you pay for only those ads that are clicked through. This makes PPC services, a cost effective marketing solution.

8. Invest in social media ads.

One more hotel digital marketing way is investing in social media ads. You can boost your social media posts through Facebook Advertising, Twitter Ads and other paid advertising services on social networks. And the plus point is they are not at all costly. Such a social media ad campaign can be started for a budget as low as $1.

9. Manage your online reputation.

Facebook, Google Places, TripAdvisor and other similar sites allow their users to give reviews, feedbacks and ratings to the places they have been to. Here, the math is simple. The more better and attractive the reviews and ratings are, the more guests are bound to be coming to your hotel. Therefore, it is vital to earn and then maintain your hotel’s online reputation.

The best way to deal with these reviews and ratings is respond to them, irrespective of whether they are positive or negative. This way your hotel name and brand is earning respect from existing as well as prospective customers because it shows that you are serious about enhancing your services and deliver them at its best.

10. Outsource your online marketing to the pros.

Hotel online marketing is fun and challenging. Although doing it yourself might save you some money, but will take up all of your time which you could have used to focus on your hotel and catering its customers. Thus, it is wiser to outsource your hotel web marketing campaign to a company who specializes in online marketing for hotels and resorts.

An internet marketing company for hotels will also provide you an outer perspective to bring your hotel to a next level in addition to the above stated points. A professional hotel SEO internet marketing company uses the ever-changing marketing methods, techniques, tools, data and proven services to make your hotel marketing an online success and thus build a perfect image about your hotel in your industry.

Expert Talk

The reason that customers of hotels and resorts rely on the information available on the internet is that they are generally from distant places. People ask search engines and travel portals, read travel blogs, and newsfeed to get this information.

This is the reason for implementing internet marketing programs for hotels and resorts. And always remember to promote your city, province, state and country when you are promoting your hotel or resort because your hotel or resort is a part of the local tourism industry.

If you still have some doubts, need an advice in a particular genre, or you want to outsource your hotel digital marketing campaign, then contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you every assistance in making your hotel a brand.

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