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Nearly 85% of patients use search engines for their healthcare related queries. This is the reason that digital marketing strategies for healthcare organizations have overtaken other traditional marketing strategies. According to a survey, more than 50% of patients who have searched for various healthcare services on their mobiles, have scheduled an appointment. This means the conversion rate of audience to patients is very high.

Hence, a unique healthcare internet marketing strategy is required for obtaining Return On Investment aka ROI based results. Here are 5 unique internet marketing strategies for healthcare services providers that will boost your ROI on marketing.

1. Know your Audience

If you are unable to find patients who are searching for your services, then all online marketing strategies in healthcare becomes irrelevant. It is therefore the foremost step in any healthcare digital marketing strategy. A strict focus should be kept on finding relevant audiences on the internet.

2. Create a Website

A website represents your healthcare organization online. As mentioned above, an effective online presence can help your patients find you online. This way they can get all the needed information about your services or products without having to visit your facility.

An attractive looking healthcare website design which is informative and user-friendly plays an anchor role in a successful healthcare internet marketing campaign. Also, it is beneficial to consider in your healthcare internet marketing strategy to have a responsive website design so that your website remains user-friendly irrespective of from which device it is opened. Hence, it is advisable to outsource the creation of your website to an expert healthcare website design and development services provider.

3. Healthcare SEO

Healthcare SEO is one of the most important internet marketing strategies in Healthcare industry. An effective healthcare SEO can boost your online referrals by 200%. In simple terms, Healthcare SEO internet marketing means when a patient is searching for your services on any search engine and gets your website in the list of top search results. These rankings in search results happen only due to an extensive healthcare SEO campaign.

Therefore, an effective Healthcare search engine optimization strategy allows your services, products and website to be found on the internet when a potential client or patient conducts an online search for them.

4. Healthcare SEO Content Marketing

For a successful SEO, content is the king. Unique content that fills your website pages can help boost your SEO efforts. There are many ways to write optimized content such as articles and blogs. You can write about symptoms, remedies, procedures or even descriptions about your services or products to educate your prospective patients.

For example, if you are an ophthalmologist then it is likely that a patient searching for, let us say symptoms of eye infections, when reads your uniquely written informative article will approach you for further guidance if he or she finds it helpful. And not only should you post these blogs and articles on your website, but you should also post them on various reputed directories and chat forums and that too, on a regular basis.

But in such a huge and competitive industry, a common SEO internet marketing strategy does not provide fruitful results. You need a professional SEO services provider who creates a tailored SEO strategy to help you get successful rankings.

5. Healthcare Social Media Marketing

The popularity of social media websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest is spreading like fire on the internet. The main advantage of healthcare social media marketing is that it directly connects you with your prospective patients and clients.

You get an opportunity to answer all the queries and doubts your patients might have and hence win over their trust and confidence for you, your services and your products. This way you can establish your brand name as an expert of your field and maintain that reputation by actively publishing fresh and new content related to your field.

6. Cost-effective Pay-Per-Click Marketing

In the healthcare industry, there is certain competition which takes a very long time to be won. This difficulty in getting high ranks is not because of an inappropriate SEO but because of the cut-throat SEO efforts of your competitors and presence of similar healthcare providers in bulk in your geographic location. In such cases, healthcare pay-per-click marketing aka healthcare PPC campaigning provides your facility, the required boost to top the search engine results.

The main advantages of a healthcare PPC campaign are:

  • You have the freedom to decide the budget of your campaign
  • You decide who sees your ads
  • You decide when your ads should be broadcasted
  • You decide in which search engine your ads should be broadcasted
  • You can pause your campaign any-time
  • And most importantly, you have to pay only when someone actually clicks on your ad

Therefore, if you’re looking for a fast and affordable way to generate more business, consider implementing a healthcare PPC campaign.

If you’re not marketing your healthcare practice online, how will your audience know you exist? And if you don’t exist for them, then you are obviously missing out on a lot of patients or clients that you deserve. What are you waiting for? Contact us today and we can help you get distinguished in your field.

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