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Display advertisers have only managed to target complete audience sections since they did not possess the tools required to further segregate that data within that audience section. However, if you are one such advertiser then the recent introduction of targeting with unstructured data in display advertising allows you to dig deep into the available data.

This precise targeting now allows you to fine-tune your display campaign with far more precise bids and reports that permit unique bidding over specific ad impressions. You can easily stop or lower your bids on badly-performing impressions while focusing on best or better-performing sections of your target market by using unstructured data.

In addition, you can gain better understanding of your target audience and can even expand your market by implementing changes in your campaign after observing the effectiveness of your current campaign. You can change your targeting strategy on a real-time basis by way of manual or automatic intervention. This in turn, will deliver improved results, reduce losses, and can optimize your campaign on the go.

You can use unstructured data to your benefit in the following ways. You can now re-adjust bids as well as ads on keyword level basis based on their performance. You should also customize your landing pages to specific searches based on how recent the search events were, for optimized results.

Instead of looking at all visitors to your website as a combined target market, you can segregate visitors that view different pages or products. Once you have this data at hand then you can re-adjust your bids based on products viewed or level of funnel progression. You can also customize dynamic ads as well as conversion paths based on specific products or webpages.

In addition, you can also engage in up-selling or cross-selling products and services to your existing clientele after matching CRM data and online clients or prospective clients. You can certainly understand much more about your clients and their tastes when you target specific unstructured data.

You can certainly optimize your campaign by segregating your target market into sections based on their precise preferences with the help of unstructured data. You will not only learn a lot more about your site visitors and clients, but can use that data to boost conversions and ROI with a little effort in this direction.

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