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Google has added an excellent feature that allows you to be in command over the ads appearing on your website. They have added an Image Search feature to their AdSense Review Center that allows you to search for related image ads after you upload your chosen image.

Once you receive ads related to your uploaded image then you can analyze those ads and even block specific ads. This feature is especially useful if you do not want ads of your competitors to appear on your website. You can merely capture an image of your competitor’s logo or related image, upload the image, and browse through the returned ads.

However, Google has specified that you should upload images that possess a 2 MB maximum file size and your images too should not exceed a resolution of 1024 pixels. In addition, they also advise you to use all available filters with caution. You should realize that your revenues might not increase by blocking such ads and in fact cutting down competition between various ads could actually reduce revenues.

Google has also stated that even though this feature only supports return image ads at present, they are working on allowing many more ad formats to be supported in the coming days. In the meantime, you can use this feature by logging into your AdSense account, and clicking on the “Allow and Block Ads” tab.

You can also send feedback to Google if you feel that you have new ideas or would like to suggest some improvements to this handy feature. A visit to the Google Help Center or their AdSense +page will help you post your feedback to Google.

Google has constantly striven to add exciting features to their tools and the Image Search feature is an excellent feature to help you control the type of ads that appear on your website.

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