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When video game maker Bethesda Softworks wanted to create hype around their new action video game Dishonored, they decided to use Rich Media Designs for Mobile from Google. They created a 4 minute trailer in the new Branded Video format using Media Designs and uploaded it on

This unique advertisement method provided amazing results for Bethesda Softworks and rewarded them with a fantastic CTR [Click Through Rate] of 13% within the 12 days of their ad campaign. The trailer also managed to evoke a very high rate of interest in the game thanks to this unique approach. The company had hired Target Media for advertizing this stealth action video game.

Target Media decided that the game needed to be advertised in a manner that was as exciting as the actual game itself. In addition, the advertising firm wanted gamers to get the feel of the game from within and hence used complete in line video as well as audio instead of re-directing users to any native video player on their smartphone or tablet. Target Media also studied the potential target audience of the game and realized that most of them would be using mobile phones and tablets to access and play the game.

The advertising firm thus decided to use the new Branded Video format for mobile to reach out to their market with an action-packed trailer. The company utilized a Branded Video template and embedded a 20 second trailer of the game while using an image from the game itself as a backdrop. This ensured that costs were kept low while creating customized ads with ease using the Rich Media Designs for Mobile templates.

Viewers that had a taste of the 20 second pre-trailer had the option to click to the 4 minute trailer of Dishonored on YouTube. Since the ad used the AdMob network that supported mobile devices along with PC integration, users from different platforms could enjoy the best possible experience from their respective devices.

Google’s Rich Media Designs for Mobile offers advertisers a cost-effective and easy way of creating impressive ads. These ads can be accessed on different systems and platforms. Target Media and Bethesda Softworks used this strategy to their advantage after studying their target market and a rise of 13 percent in CTR is proof that they managed to extract the most out of this Google tool.

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