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Since the inception of the internet online games have been a favorite pastime of many. Most sites also use Flash games on website to retain viewer interest. Google received several queries about their policies regarding Flash games and hence posted a few messages including ‘Tips for placing ads on game play pages’ and ‘Using the right product’ which provided tips on how advertisements ought to be implemented.

Google recently discussed content issues on Flash gaming sites and common ad implementation violations on Flash gaming websites.

Family safe content

Google permits monetization of Flash games; however, games with sexual content cannot be monetized. The same applies for content that is considered violent in nature. Google also discourages and disapproves of profane language in comments as well as game descriptions.

Distance between game and ads

Google recommends that websites avoid placing AdSense for content ads too close to Flash games. This helps in reducing the risk of invalid clicks. According to Google the safe distance between the two should be 150 pixels. That means edge of the game and the ad should be separated by 150 pixels. The reason given by Google is that when users are playing Flash games they are furiously clicking and this often results in invalid clicks on ads. According to Google clicks on ads should be motivated by genuine user interest and not due to the placement of the advertisement on the page.

AFC as pre-roll

AdSense for Games or AFG is a product specifically designed for monetization of Flash games. According to Google’s policy using AFC (AdSense for content) ads as pre-roll before or mid-roll during a game is not right as the product was not designed for such kind of implementation. In case website owners want to use Google ads as pre-roll they are required to apply for AFG (AdSense for games). Google has asked website owners to visit their Help Center for more information.

Google feels that to improve user gaming experience on a website the Flash game should be the focus of the webpage. Google recommends keeping user interest in mind when placing advertisements. If these two things done, your website will be on the right side of Google’s guidelines.

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