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Google AdWords is now packed with several new bidding tools that can be adjusted to factor in the time of day, location, and the type of devices used by people. An enhanced campaign can allow you to adjust your bids based on the above factors to extract the most out of your efforts and investment.

In case of bid adjustments, you can begin with default bid settings for all devices and can then raise or lower your bids based on various factors such as time of day, location, etc. You can increase bids when you expect a time of day that draws most visitors towards your site and lower them for the rest of the day.

For instance, if you manage a local restaurant, then you can raise bids by 60 percent for searches between 11.00 am and 2.30 pm, raise bids by 50 percent for visitors searching within a one mile radius, lower bids by 25 percent on weekdays, and raise bids by 30 percent for people searching for local restaurants on their smartphones.

In addition, you can also bid for devices that sport larger screens such as desktops, laptops, and tablets. Google believes that searches made by people using these large devices are quite similar and hence advertiser performance too is quite similar for such devices.

Lowering your bids where lead quality or your average order value is quite lower can certainly improve your ROI even though it might result in lower number of visits and conversions. Bid adjustments utilize multiplication and for multiple-location bid adjustments, Google states that the most precise adjustment will apply. You can anyway view the calculator in your AdWords interface to get a clearer picture.

Increasing number of mobile users use the internet to conduct searches. However, such users may jump across several devices before getting converted. Conventional reporting may not be able to report the complete journey, which in turn could undervalue mobile.

Using AdWords enhanced campaign you can now select a mobile bid adjustment that influences your ad position as well as clicks and cost for mobile devices. Google states that on average Australian retail advertisers have set mobile bids to 103 percent of desktops while Canadian travel agents have set mobile bids to 88 percent of desktops.

Once you make a mobile bid adjustment, Google will display an expected change in the number of impressions, clicks as well as cost. In addition, the company advises that you check your results regularly after making bid adjustments and make necessary changes to stay in tune with your campaign goals.

You can try out these new changes in your enhanced campaigns and keep on fine-tuning your campaign based on your specific needs and your target market.

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