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Google’s latest tool Google Glass has evoked sighs of surprise from anyone that has witnessed ads about the product. However, it has also evoked heated discussions on whether it could revolutionize online marketing.The Google website already mentions a list of features available on their Google Glass product, which in essence is a pair of trendy eyeglasses loaded with high-tech gadgetry. However, it is not what is mentioned that has triggered animated conversations on the possible future of this sleek product.

Unlike most of Google’s other products and services, Google Glasses are supposed to be priced at around $1,500, which again triggers a lot of questions about how Google could further leverage the product in future. Here are a few options that could be possibly explored by Google.

The company might begin to display advertisements for Google Glass users. Even though company representatives claim that they are more interested on merely promoting the product rather than advertising over it, the future could see a shift in this policy. The company’s lead engineer Babak Parviz has stated that “At the moment there are no plans for advertizing on this device”. This statement suggests that Google could explore the advertising route after some time or once enough devices have been sold to initiate a marketing campaign.

On the other hand, the hands-free experience offered by Google Glass could also suggest that the company could explore the gaming route in the future. However, Google will have to come up with gaming developer kits as well as develop specialized games to attract serious gamers to this device.

However, there are quite a few skeptics that claim that this product could meet a swift and painful end if it does not advance beyond a mere pair of eyeglasses that can be used to surf and share.

The ability of Google Glass to accept and respond to voice commands could actually merge the boundaries between advertising and reality. For instance, you could be discussing visiting a specific location while wearing these glasses and could mention the fact that you were hungry. In an instant, your Google Glasses could display a list of restaurants near your current location in your eyepiece. This could be construed as an invasion of privacy by many while being accepted as helpful advertising by others.

Google Glass will also connect directly to social media, which in turn will enable you to click photos, record videos, and upload/share them on the go. This could be exploited by marketers to reach out to a wider audience that begin to buy and use these glasses in the future.

As a marketer, you too should ensure that you get featured on Google Glass users as it promises to open up a new market. You must follow the progress of Google Glass and its features as they get added in the future. In addition, you need to make sure that your Google+ profile is active and updated since Google will naturally extract a lot of information from their existing databases. You also need to ensure that your business receives excellent local search result rankings and is present on most social media sites.

Whatever the speculation, you can be sure that Google Glass will remain in the news and in the market for quite some time when it finally reaches the hands of users in the coming months. You should make sure that you remain in the loop about this product and its added features, which certainly has the potential to revolutionize online marketing.

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