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An online marketing campaign should not consist of mere statistics such as PPC rates, relevant keywords, link building, or other technical jargon. You also need to factor in the importance of creating and maintaining a warm relationship with all those involved in your SEO and marketing campaign while seeking out new friends in the online world.While you may have seen your client as only a business that pays you for your work and helps you realize your own business goals, you should realize that there is certainly a human equation to be factored into the deal as well. You may have worked together for mutual benefit, but there is no reason as to why you cannot connect with the business on a personal level. You can certainly become friends with your clients, vendors, SEO team, and others involved in your online marketing venture.

In addition, you can further explore the vast online world to make new friends that may translate into future business simply because you would have begun communicating on the same wavelength. You need not agree with every sentence that your new friends may utter, post, or chat, but you can keep channels of communication open even as you reach out to a wider audience.

There are several ways of reaching out to new people around the globe while maintaining a warm relationship with existing and new-found friends in the online world. The obvious way is to open accounts on major social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Lindedln, Google+, etc., where you can meet new people and also showcase your strengths in your particular field of work or industry.

Another way to engage in animated discussions as well as find like-minded people online is to post your thoughts on blogs and forums. You can share valuable information and discuss topics that you feel passionate about. Skyping or attending Google+ Hangouts is a good way of maintaining newly-started relationships and learning more about them.

You can also create and maintain relationships the traditional way by attending conferences. You can cultivate a relationship for life at conferences and even by other online methods provided you and your friends realize where to draw the line at every specific level of the relationship.

Relationships are very important in all forms of business, especially in the online world where more importance is given to statistics, reports, and analytics, rather than reaching out towards others. If you do not comprehend the role of creating and maintaining a warm relationship with other people in your field then you might just be another app available at an Apple or Google store that can merely entertain through its lifecycle, but not sustain.

You will certainly discover a marked rise in clients and well-wishers for your online marketing campaigns once you reach out to other people that wish to connect to you on the same wavelength.

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