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In addition to Google Analytics, there are many more Web Analytics software and tools available in the market. Given below is a list of both free and paid tools that can be used to your advantage.

However, it is wise to firstly analyze your own specific needs and expectations before you select a specific tool or tools for your business. At the end of the day, that software or tool should provide customized reports that suit your business model and help bring in more visitors and revenue.

Google Analytics
This widely-used free tool was actually targeted for AdWords Users. Google developed this tool further after it acquired Urchin on Demand in 2005. Enterprise Version of this tool is also available. All other analytical tools are usually benchmarked against Google Analytics. One can also engage in experiments in respect to A/B Testing.

Google Analytics Premium
The company has released a premium version of Google Analytics that costs $150,000 per year. Introduced in 2011, Google Analytics Premium offers several additional features such as capacity to handle one billion hits each month, 50 custom variables, data turnaround within 4 hours, and 24/7 customer support.

Adobe Site Catalyst
Adobe SiteCatalyst costs $5,000 and above per month and offers features such as drag-and-drop dashboard, embeddable reports, and several options for customization. In addition, you can also enhance it with Test & Target for A/B Testing.

Unica NetInsight from IBM

IBM Unica NetInsight requires a custom quote from IBM. Key features of this analytics tool are customizable dashboards, heat map overlays, multiple configurations for data, and on-premise storage.

Mint is created by Shaun Inman and has several in-depth analysis and comparison tools by flagging 2 pages, although it does not have split testing tools. Charges are $30 for each site as a one-time fee. The main features of this tool include unlimited tracking of sites, extensive plugin library by the name of Peppermill for enhanced functionality, and on premise storage.


MixPanel started small in 2009, but currently tracks over a billion actions each month. Prices for their services range from Free to around $2,000. Main features include save and tag pages, in-built component for analytics, and charts/graphs to share data.


FoxMetrics by Rydall Williams is a recent player since it appeared in the analytics market in 2011. It costs $20 to $120 each month to use this tool that features real time data, ability to track data from all devices, unlimited attributes, and individual visitor profiles for individual analysis of visitors.

Woopra entered the scene in 2008 and possesses a single interface that integrates CRM analysis too. Pricing plans range from the Free Basic Plan that allows 30,000 actions each month to $349.95 each month for larger needs. Key Features include real-time single visitor path tracking, funnel and retention analytics, and segmented analytics.

Yahoo Marketing Dashboard

Yahoo has also jumped into the analytics arena with its Free tool that extracts data from Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, Yahoo! Web Hosting, or Google Analytics. Main features of Yahoo Marketing Dashboard include unlimited visitor tracking, integration of Constant Contact and Orange Soda, and 24/7 customer support.

Clicky was founded in 2006 by Roxr Software and fees range from Free for a single site with up to 3 million page views, to custom quotes for larger needs. Main features include tracking of up to 30 goals, tracking outbound links, heat map overlays, and Google Search rankings.


iPerceptions is basically a tool that needs to be integrated with Google Analytics for a detailed VoC reports. This tool has 5 main components including 4QSuite, WebValidator, WASP, TeaLeaf, and Mobile Website Feedback. You need to ask for a custom quote for these services. Key features include capturing of VoC or Voice of Customer data, customer path analysis in real time, live feedback, customer surveys, and iPerceptions Satisfaction Index.

Web Trends
WebTrends entered the market in 1993 and requires a custom quote. Key features of this tool include heat maps, unlimited custom metrics, and custom mobile as well as social measurement tools.

Reinvigorate is offered by WebTrends as a separate analytics tool. Service fees range from free to $20 per month and you can also get custom quotes for specific needs. Main features include real-time analytics along with social, web, and mobile channels.

KISSmetricsKISSmetrics provides in-depth analysis tools and charges range from $49 to $499 per month. Key features of this tool include analysis of data from different channels on a single interface, integration with email marketing and CRM along with other software, and visitor-centric data rather than broad statistics.

Site Spect
Site Spect moved up from A/B testing as well as Multivariate testing from 2004 and offers several additional services for around $3,000 per month. Key features of their tool include WATTS or Web Analytics, Tag Transformation, and Segmentation. In addition, you can integrate this tool with various other analytics tools and also get complete analysis reports from any third party analytics tool.

Autonomy offers some of the most in-depth analytics programs in the market. You will need to get a custom quote for their services. Key features of this tool includes integration of data across all channels, display of full picture involving customer experience, A/B testing, Multi-Variate testing, social analytics, customer feedback, and VoC or Voice of Customer.

comScore Digital Business Analytics
This tool has been in the market since 1999 and has evolved to track around 40 percent of internet searches per month. This tool is currently used to handle more than a trillion interactions involving 175 countries per month. You will need to ask for a custom quote for this tool. Key features include integration with third party apps, on premise or in cloud storage services, and lowest form raw data.

This is an open-source Free tool that offers unlimited tracking along with on-premise data storage. There have been over 1.2 million downloads of this tool since its appearance in 2008. This free tool supports over 100 search engines. Main features of this tool are on-premise storage of data, ease of exporting, reports and widgets based on visitor location data, and manual tracking of mobile users that do not use Java.

This is yet another Free tool for unlimited sites. Main features include inbound link monitoring, visitor location, tracking of actions and goals, user profile data, tracking of Google PageRank and Alexa Rank, and page optimization.

There are a few other free as well as paid web analytics tools that can also be considered based on your needs. A little time and effort will help you find the ideal free of fee-based analytics tool for your business.

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