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Installing Google Analytics can throw up several irritating issues that need quick debugging. Here are some common installation issues along with solutions to help you achieve a quick and calm install.

The most common error is usually caused by typographical errors in tracking codes. You should also use the correct case and name for method names to achieve faultless execution. Another common error is lifting data from MS Word documents by using copy/paste. This move can cause issues since MS Word adds quotes to all lifted data, which in turn is not recognized by Analytics and this leads to installation errors.

However, a simple process in MS Word 2010 can help you to disable the “Smart Quotes” feature by un-checking the replace “Straight Quotes” with “Smart Quotes” option in the AutoFormat menu.

You should also use the “View Page Source” feature offered by most browsers to solve Google Analytics issues. You can hence search and solve issues related to “UA-“, “gaq”, and many other codes and tags related to AdWords. You can utilize this feature to scrutinize your home page, PPC landing pages, receipt page, and various processes related to subscriptions and registrations.

You can also use the Ghostery plugin available on most browsers to check for the presence of Google Analytics on any page. In addition, you can also view all other installed tools, which can help you keep a clandestine tab on your competitors. However, if you find these tools on the sites of your competitors then they too will certainly be spying on your campaign.

For Chrome users, Google offers a debugger that offers detailed data of your Google Analytics account including data being written on to your database. This debugger works with the JavaScript console that is already present in Google Chrome. You can view important information along with parameters for data such as pageview URL, referring and domain URL, and Property ID.

In addition, you can view QA campaign data including medium, content, source, and term. You can also get Event information, Custom Variables, and get detailed information about what exactly you have reported during Ecommerce Tracking.

You can preserve this data by ticking the “Preserve Log upon Navigation” in the console section by right-clicking first and then choosing the option. This move will enable you to load the data on to a text editor by using cut/paste and then further filter it to hone in on the precise information as required.

Those using Firefox can use debuggers such as the GA Debugger to achieve somewhat similar results although they will not be able to save data that can be used for further analysis.

The above steps will help you solve Google Analytics issues with ease and also help analyze your data to streamline and improve your campaign.

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