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Extracting reports that indicate the number of visitors visiting your site, time spent at your site, and bounce rates is quite easy, but how do you confirm if your target audience has actually read the content on your site? Such a report can be very beneficial, especially if you manage a blog or wish to engage your audience with related content.Reducing bounce rates is a constant exercise since quick exits usually indicate that your website content is not what the visitor expected after typing in a query in the search box. Low bounce rates indicate that you have good content that engages your visitors, increases time spent on your site, ensures good feedback and engagement, and higher rankings, which in turn ensures a repeat of the above cycle with each new visitor.

Google Analytics has several tools that allow you to track visitors on your site. You can trigger events when a visitor scrolls down specific lines on a page. In addition, you can encourage visitors to vote at the bottom of an article by using the star system or a basic thumbs up/down feature. Either way, this trick will ensure that the voting visitor has scrolled down the article. In addition, bad ratings will help you analyze your articles in greater depth and ensure higher traffic by modifying the content to better suit the needs of your target audience.

You can also engage in pagination of your displayed content by splitting an article into 2 or more pages. This move will enable you to monitor the number of pages viewed by visitors before they bounce away or vote for that article. You can also use In-Page Analytics that allows you to set link-wise attribution once you set your analytics code accordingly.

In case you use WordPress then there are a number of plugins that can help you to monitor content engagement in great detail. One such plugin is the Google Analytics Suite that merges your AdSense and Analytics accounts to deliver detailed reports. These reports can display page views, page speed, scroll depth, and downloads, as well as AdSense events and links. You can view this detailed data in real time and improve content engagement based on these reports.

Another useful WordPress plugin is the one offered by Yoast de Valk. You can easily keep track of exit links as well as affiliate links. You need to track all outbound links in the form of events instead of pageviews. You must also remember to uncheck the box that states “Track Outbound Links as Pageviews” that is checked by default.

It is very important for you to understand and monitor the behavior of your target audience once they begin browsing at your website. Detailed reports that track and display visitor-behavior in the form of statistics can help deliver improved content. This, in turn results in greater engagement as well as greater satisfaction levels of reaching out to more number of viewers.

You should try using the above tools to extract content engagement reports using Google Analytics and WordPress to get in sync with your website visitors.

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