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A successful PPC campaign can be rewarding provided you have not made any mistakes. However, even PPC professionals end up making silly mistakes that can have disastrous financial consequences.

Here are a few common PPC mistakes actually made by seasoned PPC marketers and solutions to ensure that you do not face the same consequences.

One common mistake that could saddle you with a huge campaign bill is to make a typing mistake while bidding for your chosen keywords. A single typing error in placing the decimal point could change a $0.40 bid into a $40 bid and potentially turn your campaign into a loss-making one.

One solution is to use offline editors such as the Bing Ads Editor or the AdWords Editor to make sure that all your bids are placed correctly before actual implementation. You should also monitor your campaign the very day it goes live to locate any mistakes and cut short the campaign before you get saddled with a huge bidding bill. Also, setting up alerts for bidding amounts that rise above the set amount will help you get email alerts about bidding mistakes.

Another common typing mistake relates to setting up PPC campaign budgets. A single zero added to your budget amount can wreak havoc to your finances. The solution lies in ensuring that someone else checks your budget amounts before actual implementation. You should also make sure to reset the MDS budget amounts at the end of each month.

Many PPC professionals have also forgotten to turn content network=off for their new campaigns. Google keeps content network=on by default and forgetting to turn it off will allow Google to target all networks as well as all countries and languages.

The solution to this problem is to use a desktop editor and view all settings twice before initiating the campaign. In addition, you should check the entries of all new employees as well as check campaign reports as soon as it goes live. If you observe traffic from undesired locations then you need to check all settings again.

The above mistakes could hamper your PPC campaign in more ways than one. Checking all inputs as well as reports on launch of each campaign will help ensure that mistakes are avoided or nipped in the bud.

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