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So, you’ve put up an eye-catching website, but find that it has received poor rankings and does not seem to attract quality traffic. Well, check if you too have been making these common SEO mistakes and how you can avoid them for improved rankings and traffic.

One common mistake made by SEOs is not researching the type of keywords and key phrases typed by users to find websites. For instance, most visitors may not type “mount fuji elevation” or “mount fuji altitude”, but may instead type “how high is mount fuji” in the search box. You need to study the type of words and phrases used most commonly by searchers and include them as keywords to achieve higher rankings and reach out to a larger audience.

In addition, you also need to provide relevant information on your website for all visitors. For instance, you should mention business hours along with contact phone numbers and a detailed map of the physical location of your store, if you do have one, on your website.

Another common mistake is not inserting the right commands and domain name to ensure that your website is crawled by major search engine bots. These robots cannot index and rank your website if you do not have the necessary commands to guide them in the first place. You should make it a point to regularly surf to various pages on your website using a text browser to click on regular links. You can do so by clicking on “Text Only Version” after viewing search results on Google and clicking on the cache of your page or website.

Most SEOs spend all their energy only on link building without thinking about promoting their website a lot more in their own community. A more-rounded approach of pleasing your target audience and reaching out to them by way of guerilla marketing, paid advertising, and providing related and interesting information on your website will draw in a lot more inquisitive visitors than mere links.

Another common oversight by SEOs is to ignore titles and descriptions. You need to make sure that you use HTML Meta Tags in the right way to attract search engines as well as your target audience. There are several sites that provide online help in ensuring that your title, description, H1 to H6, and image tags, among others, are in the right form and place.

In addition, you also need to view articles, blogs, videos, and participate in forums to learn new SEO tricks to take your website to the next level in terms of visibility and performance. You should certainly make use of excellent webmaster resources such as Google Webmaster Tools, among others, to monitor the performance of your website and make suitable improvements.

You may have inadvertently made common SEO mistakes without realizing the consequences. The above tips should help you realize and rectify these mistakes, and get rewarded with a high-ranking and visitor-pleasing website.

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