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A lot of SEOs seem to believe that desktop or laptop SEO is the same as mobile SEO. However, there are several differences that need to be understood to customize your SEO strategy if you are one of those SEOs. Most SEOs assume that mobile users use search engines to search for the same products, services, or information as desktop or laptop users. They feel that they do not need to indulge in separate keyword research since their belief is that search criteria remain the same irrespective of the platform of the device.

However, this thought needs to be confirmed with hard data extracted from Google Analytics. There may be specific terms used by mobile users that may differ from those used by pc users. If you manage to get a hold of such keywords, you will be able to further optimize your strategy to receive far more visits by mobile users while racing ahead of your competition.

There are a few sectors such as retail, fitness, sports, and dining, among others where there is a marked difference in the way pc and mobile users conducts searches. You need to do a thorough study with the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find out keywords that best suit different devices.

Many SEOs also believe that if search results on pcs and mobiles seem the same then they need not waste their efforts for further optimization. Google itself separately updates its desktop and mobile search algorithms, which means that there is obviously some difference between their methods of ranking. Local results are given more priority for mobiles and image results too are given higher placements on mobiles. Mobile listings also provide varying CTR and bounce rates as compared to pcs. These differences need to be understood since ignoring them could result in lower CTRs.

Many SEOs also feel that mobile users hardly act on the search results. Many also feel that mobile SEO is nothing but local SEO since most mobile users want quick local information. However, not all mobile users need information on local businesses and services. There are several product categories including games, apps, and niche products, among others that are ordered online by mobiles users located all around the globe.

Ignoring an increasing number of global mobile users that actually make purchases through mobile devices is a move that you just cannot afford to ignore anymore. Many SEOs also ignore the special needs of mobile users while claiming that their desktop-optimized website is good enough for everyone.

However, a website that does not offer zoom and pinch options, does not possess larger buttons and tabs for mobile users, or offer other aspects specific to mobile owners could witness a high bounce rate from this emerging market. Many SEOs do not realize that creating a website optimized for mobile users can also help them receive additional links with high authoritative values in the eyes of search engine bots. This move could certainly help improve rankings and CTRs.

Merely optimizing a website for desktops and laptops could prove to be detrimental if you do not factor in the unique needs of increasing number of mobile users. If you want your website to reach out across different devices and platforms, you need to use all available tools to find out their specific needs. Using separate and specific SEO techniques to cater to their needs will reward your website with higher rankings, conversions, and revenues.

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