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Most advertisers expect a bigger bang out of their online advertising campaign. However, lack of visitors or high bounce rates can dampen their spirits and sales revenues. When faced with the same issues, you can use these tips to boost conversions, provided you import Google Analytics data into your AdWords account.Once you have imported your Analytics data, you need to closely monitor Bounce Rates. This crucial metric can help provide reports as to how many visitors merely touch your landing page and leave or ‘bounce’ immediately without exploring the rest of your website.

You need to analyze the possible reasons for high bounce rates instead or getting worried. If your website loads too slowly then you need to take adequate steps to make sure that it loads faster. You can make sure that the text on your site loads quickly while your graphics load after the text is loaded. This will provide some reading material to your visitors while your images are being loaded. Other options like updating your web server or your changing your web design team may be explored if you fail to get the desired results.

Another crucial metric that must be extracted from your Analytics Data is Pages Per Visit. This data will provide statistics on the different pages browsed by a visitor. Another similar metric to keep in mind is Average Visit Duration, which will indicate the time spent on your website by a visitor.

You must make sure that visitors have visited different pages due to curiosity in further exploring your website rather than searching aimlessly for information that could be hard to locate on your website. A single metric may not be able to provide accurate results since visitors can browse for a long time and visit several web pages without actually buying anything.

You need to monitor and analyze several metrics to get a clearer picture of why visitors seem to bounce right off your website or do not get converted after browsing through your site. You can identify keywords and ads that fail to deliver the desired results. Looking at bounce rates next to matching AdWords sections will help you comprehend the actual problem.

While there is a lot of data present in Analytics, it can be extracted and presented in far greater detail if you use AdWords. You can easily import your Google Analytics data into AdWords for improved management of your ad campaign.

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