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While focusing on your core keywords and fine-tuning them to achieve higher traffic, leads and sales is mandatory for a successful SEO campaign, ignoring synonyms and misspelled words might prevent you from tapping into a large chunk of your target market.

Learn over here the importance of misspelled keywords and synonyms.

A quick study will reveal a gold mine of misspelled words

Even though you might assume that people browsing the internet know their language and their spellings, you might be amazed at the number of misspelled words that are being used by a noticeable percentage of such browsers. In fact, the word “misspelled” is also typed as “mis-spelled”, “mis spelled”, “mis speled” and “misspelt” by different people in various regions of the globe.

Use Free Tools to identify synonyms and misspelled words

Similarly, many people use “s” instead of “z” in several words such as “analyze” and ignoring one keyword for the other might result in ignoring a huge potential to attract search engine bots as well as losing out on contacting such people. Using free tools such as Google AdWords can quickly help you to identify synonyms and misspelled words that surround any core keyword. .

Various other keyword forms also hold importance

In addition to synonyms and misspelled words, you should also take into consideration low competition keywords, related keywords, local keywords, long-tailed keywords and key phrases to cover all bases and to widen your keyword basket. Do not stuff all these keywords on the homepage itself by way of titles or tags, among others, but instead spread them evenly over all pages to ensure optimum effect. Each page should also be compelling enough to evoke the desired action.

Pay heed to localized keywords typed in various corners of the globe

You can easily use a thesaurus to locate synonyms to find top synonyms that match with your chosen keywords. In addition, you can also opt for plurals as well as adding genders in order to come up with several keywords that are usually typed by different people seeking out matching websites for their needs. Localized keywords again with misspelled words that might be typed in by people living in different geographical locations will also help mop up additional keywords.

Seeking out precise keywords is in itself quite difficult, but if you want greater rewards by way of reaching out to an additional target audience and convert them into increased traffic then do not forget to consider synonyms and misspelled words during your keyword research.

While this post would have helped you to understand the importance of synonyms and misspelled words, the next post focuses on various online tools available for keyword research.

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