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Achieving top-most page rankings during relevant searches and boosting the presence of your chosen website is critical to online success. However, this move requires insertion of crucial keywords that please major search engines as well as keep visitors riveted to your website once they land up on the homepage.

This post will discuss how to find relevant local or targeted keywords to improve your SEO campaign.

Avoid the one keyword-fits-all strategy in a bid to save time and effort

In these competitive times, the one keyword-fits-all strategy will not work since you need to consider that different people in varied geographical locations might use different keywords to seek out the same product or service. Hence, in addition to obvious keywords, you also need to find relevant local and targeted keywords for your market to get the very best out of your SEO campaign.

Use free or paid keyword research tools to filter your keywords

One free way of achieving this is to use free tools such as Google Adwords in order to find out about various keywords that are used to seek out your website. You should additionally pay heed to misspelled words, long-tailed keywords, keyword phrases as well as low-competition keywords that might allow you to widen your net. There are also several paid tools that can offer additional features such as spying on keywords used by competitors.

Further filter your keywords with specialized tools along with repeated analysis 

Select specialized tools also allow you to find out about local keywords based on city, towns, zip codes, etc. Such localized keywords can also help you to launch or strengthen your PPC campaign with the right ads on the right sites. You also need to constantly analyze the results of your SEO campaign and keep on fine-tuning it with relevant keywords in order to maintain upwards momentum.

Use surveys to mop up additional keywords

You can conduct an online survey of your target audience that might include potential as well as existing customers that land up on the website as to how they located the website, how they would rate the content quality of the website, whether and how they would recommend the website to others, etc. This move will reward you with a few more relevant and local keywords as well as help you to make the content much more compelling in coming times.

So, rather than only paying attention to obvious keywords that might only allow you to focus on part of the huge online market, make sure that you also consider relevant local and targeted keywords. This move will certainly reward you with more visits, leads, and of course, business in the near future.

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