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Those that currently use DoubleClick or are thinking of using it have some good news. DoubleClick is bringing new updates that will make managing bids an even more pleasant experience.

Bid optimization remains the most important aspects in managing search. For the last one and half years DoubleClick has focused on delivering automated tools to you. DoubleClick is aware of the fact that campaign performance largely depends on bidding tools. The current bid optimization platform has been meticulously built from the ground up by the DoubleClick team and users must have already noticed this by way of campaign performance. More than 88% users have experienced a marked improvement in campaign performance while more than 50% have doubled their conversion rates.

DoubleClick is not just interested in technology and algorithms but is interested in providing users automated tools to state their goals and monitor performance. The end result of working towards this objective is the launch of the new Performance Bidding Suite. This new suite includes an updated User Interface, new strategy options, and offers greater transparency in bid engine decisions. Here are few things that you can do with this new suite.

Refreshed UI to find your goals – Depending on your objectives state bid optimization goals. Find the right strategy easily with this new UI. For example if you want to maximize your revenue you can find the right strategy for it. In the same way if you want to target a specific position, then the same can be done seamlessly. New bid strategies released are easily captured by this new UI.

Keep your spending budget in check – You can now stay within your budget limits. You can now monitor key performance indicators like transactions, actions, clicks, or revenue and stay within your spend limits.

Maximum and Minimum bid – All you have to now care about is setting and managing bid limits for keywords you want to focus on. DoubleClick will handle all the rest via bid strategy wide settings.

More control – Now you have better control over your bid strategies. The first option that you now have is that you get to control how bid strategy handles high traffic. You also have control over low converting keywords and redefine your ROI strategy.

If you want a clearer perspective check out the release notes and updated articles in the help center.

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