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Your engagement with your users has seen a significant improvement over the years. Thanks to Google that continues to innovate and introduce newer tools and features that makes this possible. Publishers typically worry about being set up in the right manner as far as the Google+ is concerned and hence Google has kicked off the Social Friday series on its blog. Google aims to help publishers make the most of Google+. Google believes that this step will help publishers reach their audience and will also enable them to take the correct decisions backed by data from Google.

You may have already started using Google+, however, it is advisable that you follow this space to ensure that you are using the tools to make the most for your website or business.

Today we will begin by understanding the +1 button and see how it can be used to keep track of its impact on your business.

The +1 button helps you expand your contacts. Whenever any of your contacts or fan or visitor clicks on this button it allows all the contacts of this user to see your content or your sites link. This means that your site then begins to be viewed by more number of people. And since this exponential growth in numbers brings in more eyeballs it definitely means you have more opportunity to put across your thoughts, products, or services. However, for this you need to have the +1 button on your website pages. Once a visitor reads the content and likes it he/she clicks the +1 button and your content is now available for viewing to others on their contact list.

An added benefit is that +1 recommendations are visible to the users friends for all the relevant searches on For example Keith reads your content on your webpage and likes it, he immediately clicks the +1 button. Now Sam, Keith’s friend, wants to search for something that you deal in, he goes to and types in the phrase he wants information on. If the information he is seeking is related to you he will see your site in the search results and plus that he will also see that his friend Keith has recommended your site. Thus you have two potential clients, Keith and Sam. This is how your network grows as Sam will also click the +1 button after reading and now your content will be potentially available to Sam’s friends as well.

With the webmasters tools you can easily monitor how this +1 button is working for you. Here are the three types of reports that you can generate:

  1. Activity – You can check the number of times you have been +1’d
  2. Audience Demographics – Check the number of people who +1’d you and also see the details of their age, gender, location, and type of searches.
  3. Impact – Check out the impact it is having on your website. This is done by checking the clickthrough rate.

Get started today with the +1 button on your website if you still don’t have it. All you have to do is go to

Copy the code and paste it on your webpage.

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