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While you might be laser focused on extracting the maximum out of your PPC advertising campaign, chances are that you might have ignored the actual elements required in the PPC ad itself. While it is important to earn money out of your PPC campaign and lower your costs per acquisition, your PPC ad itself needs people to click through over your ad and result in successful conversions.

There are several elements that go into a good PPC ad and the topmost should be to quickly establish a trust factor with the visitor. Each ad seems the same on the internet, but if you manage to harp about past accomplishments including mentioning awards won or link up with established brands then that would certainly increase your credibility within the very first moments of viewing your advertisement.

Your ad headline too should be a hard-hitting punch-line and should be related to the actual search criteria of the visitor. In addition, you need to briefly explain on how you can solve specific problems with the least amount of money, time, and effort. Highlighting additional discounts, special offers, and free quotes are guaranteed ways of catching the viewer’s attention since they know that they have nothing to lose while browsing through your PPC ad.

Again, you not only need to perform a detailed study of your target audience, but also need to base your PPC ad campaign on a level that matches their way of thinking. For instance, you can take the lowest rate route or highlight the high quality of your products or services, or indicate that you merely deal in niche products based on the market that you plan to attract. This will help you to not only bid on relevant keywords, but also word your ad in a similar manner to convince your target audience to act decisively.

Finally, in addition to a beckoning headline, you also need a very convincing call to action element in order to convert a curious visitor into a conversion. Keep this section simple and uncluttered so as to enable convinced visitors to act quickly and seamlessly.

The above elements will ensure that you have a good PPC ad on your hands that will awe, induce, and impel visitors to act positively upon seeing the ad. Use them and monitor the results for further fine-tuning to receive the best possible outcome from your PPC campaign.

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