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A study conducted by Pingdom over 10,000 top websites around the globe has revealed that Facebook features maximum integration on Home Pages of those websites. In fact, the combined total of Twitter and Google+ integration is still lower than Facebook. Google+ is the newest entrant into the social networking arena, but has ousted Twitter from the second place in Home Page integration while eyeing the top spot currently occupied by Facebook.

Facebook is Number One in both home page integration as well as back links from the surveyed websites even though Google+ that is powered by industry giant Google has used its might to oust micro-blogging site Twitter to reach the second spot. Linkedin, which encourages professionals and businesses to interact on their website, is being pushed far down the ladder with several businesses preferring to use Facebook or Google+ to attract their target market.

Pingdom looked at HTML code of the 10,000 home pages of their selected websites to determine integration and links leading back to the networking sites. In terms of links, Twitter grabs the second place with 41.7 percent and Google+ claims third spot with 21.5 percent, while Faceboook retains top slot with 49.3 percent.

Pingdom was most impressed with the rise of Google+ within such a short time, partly because of the backing of its parent company. However, since Pingdom has not revealed the names or profiles of the 10,000 most-visited websites, the dismal results for Linkedin cannot be confirmed, especially if those websites were connected more to the consumer sector rather than the industrial sector.

Even though Facebook is still the number one social networking website on planet Earth, Google+ seems to be catching up at a rapid speed while dethroning Twitter at the same time. However, “like” it or not, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter have transformed into a lot more than social networking as businesses too rush in to integrate them on their websites.

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