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Mobile technology has changed the market for customers and organizations. Customers look for the products which are more relevant to them. So, how are you going to make your product reach to more number of customers? Most of the customers find quality, timing and relevant brand message change their perception about that particular brand. Recently, Google has come up with two new products, Universal App Campaigns and Customer Match to help you get closer to your customer.

App Promotion with Universal App Campaigns

As we know majority of the population would like to search products/services/games via mobile apps. People try to find out new apps in various ways like online searches, recommendations while watching videos and in-app suggestions. If your business has mobile application, you need strong marketing strategy in order to reach more number of users and to get more number of installs. Universal App Campaigns will help you reach to vast user base across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network (GDN).

Universal App campaign is the one-stop-shop campaign type that increases your reach and maximizes app installs across Google’s entire suite of ad platforms. Google has automated campaign set-up by pulling in your app images, videos, and app description directly from your Google Play store listing to generate ad formats that look amazing wherever they’re placed. Google’s system will optimize your campaign using dynamic learning to increase app install volume at particular target cost-per-install. Google keep testing ad text and app images in Google networks and determine the highest-performing variations so that only the best ads will be visible.

Customer Match

Customer Match is the new product designed by Google to help us reach our high value targets on Google search, YouTube and Gmail. Customer Match allows us to upload a list of email addresses, which can be matched to signed-in users on Google in a secure way. From there, we can build campaigns and ads specifically designed to reach our target audience. Users can control the ads they see, including Customer Match ads, by opting out of personalized ads or by muting or blocking ads from individual advertisers through Google Ads Settings.

Using Customer Match we can also generate similar audiences to reach new customers on YouTube and Gmail who are likely to be interested to our products and services. For example we can drive awareness on YouTube for new home décor products by flashing relevant ads to prospective customers who have similar interests.

We have been working with many clients for their internet marketing services which help them reach more number of customers and increase sales.


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