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Unlike the past where users merely used desktops or laptops to access the internet, today’s users arrive at websites through various new and diverse devices. Google has taken these swiftly changing conditions into their stride and is continuously evolving to cater to changing user needs.

In order to boost website presence, browsing experience, and conversions, website owners and webmasters need an increasing amount of data and reports at their fingertips. Google has managed to develop tools that can integrate several vital databases to provide improved experiences for those that arrive at your website. Google offers cutting-edge tools such as their Google Analytics Premium with the Universal Analytics feature if you wish to use APIs. This tool will help you to extract far more detailed reports out of various integrated datasets in order to get a detailed picture of your marketing funnel. In addition, these reports can help you identify areas that need improvement.

The Mobile App Analytics is another tool catered to site owners that wish to cater to the special needs of visitors that use mobile devices to access their websites. The Measurement Protocol API used by the Universal Analytics feature can help you segregate and measure data on visitors and customers that arrive at your website through different devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Detailed reports help you analyze how visitors interact with your brand after arriving from these devices.

By integrating the newly released Mobile App Analytics into your Google Analytics account, you can view and measure your marketing campaign in far greater detail than ever before. Google also allows you to sync your data collected from diverse marketing channels. This crucial feature allows you to analyze channels that provide the optimum level of conversions, which in turn will help you fine-tune specific channels in your marketing strategy.

One huge advantage of using Google Analytics is the high level of customization that can be set to take advantage of your exclusive business needs. You can learn a lot about how visitors and customers interact as well as relate with your brand through extensively customized reports.

If you wish to extract a lot more information to boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaign then Google offers several new features within Google Analytics. These include Universal Analytics and Mobile App Analytics that will help you integrate several datasets and receive highly customized reports that can enhance conversions and help boost your business in the coming days.

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