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Knowing how your users relate to your website and your brand is extremely important. If you have access to such data, you can modify your marketing campaign, identify trends, and uncover hidden opportunities that could provide improved returns on your campaign.

One way of studying the surfing and buying habits of visitors at your website is to combine your AdSense account with your existing Google Analytics account. You can make a new Analytics account if you do not have one. There are several details that can be uncovered once you link AdSense with Analytics.

You will be able to learn more about why a certain number of visitors leave your website after looking at only one webpage. You will be able to analyze those webpages that have a high bounce rate and work on ways to engage those visitors to linger on at that page and explore the rest of your website. You might need to optimize content on that page or display ads in a better manner to encourage visitors to stay on longer at your site.

Google’s In-Page Analytics will provide reports that help you understand how visitors interact with your website. This, in turn, will help you improve your marketing campaign by placing ads in a manner that results in increased positive action by your visitors.

In addition, you can now identify webpages and traffic sources that provide the best in AdSense revenues and use that URL as an example to modify other pages. This could entail redesigning those pages or by offering better content and options to ensure a rise in revenues. Various features such as content experiments, custom channels, and trying out diverse layouts of your webpages will help you analyze key metrics and make necessary improvements.

You should remember that you will only be allowed to link a single AdSense account with one Google Analytics account and that your login for AdSense is set to ‘Administrator’. Google has anyway made it very easy to link these accounts. You can visit the Accounts Settings section in your own AdSense account and click on ‘Access and Authorization’ to begin.

Google has additionally made a simple Dashboard that displays all required AdSense information in Analytics. You merely need to choose the profile that you wish to import before viewing reports that can be further customized for your specific needs.

Google offers you a wonderful chance to gain deeper insight into the minds and actions of visitors at your website. By combining your Google AdSense account with Analytics, you will certainly be able to learn more about inbound traffic to your website and their habits. This combined feature will help you to suitably modify your website and your marketing strategy for increased conversions.

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