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Although Google had introduced the Googlebot-Mobile for Smartphones back in December-2011 with somewhat confusing guidelines related to support for websites on mobile phones including smartphones, the company has now provided specific SEO practices to optimize websites for the same. Google has presented 3 techniques on how to optimize websites suitable for mobiles as well as for computers at the same time.

These techniques should clear the air for web designers and developers since they will now be able to comprehend White Hat SEO practices for mobiles and smartphones.The first technique that is specifically recommended by Google is to employ responsive web design by which a single URL and HTML code is utilized for users accessing the website through computers as well as mobiles. It is only the CSS rules that need to be changed in order to specify whenever users approach the website through computers or mobile phones.

Google states that this SEO practice will be beneficial for both webmasters as well as for Google bots since they will simply need to trawl through a single URL for determining page rankings.Another technique is to utilize the same URL, but employ different HTML coding and CSS rules for different users that access the website through a computer or a mobile phone. Webmasters should use the Vary HTTP Header to inform Google caching servers that they have used different content for different devices.The third technique is simply for website owners to create and maintain different websites for computer access and mobile phone access. Website designers and owners now have a clear guideline on how to implement the best possible SEO practices so as to impress Google robotsand also ensure that they stand a good chance of improving their rankings using techniques that best suit their business model and target market.

With an explosion in website access through mobile phones and smartphones as well as tablets, Google has done well to clear the air on SEO services practice approved by its search engine robots. If you own a website then you should ensure that your website is optimized for both mobile and computer access to stake your claim on this emerging market in the near future.

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