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Wasting time in firing blank shots into cyberspace will not yield results, but using innovative techniques to build a list of solid prospects, and more importantly acting upon that list will bear rich dividends. Here are some vital tips on ferreting out prospects from websites and converting them into profits.

While getting clean links that have been regularly indexed by major search engines such as Google provide a higher potential of getting converted, looking at the various web-pages on a website itself offers a huge cache of links that can be transformed into successful conversions.

You need to seek out websites with not only content related to your own interests, but also websites that have a large number of media followers, comments, RSS feeds, and subscribers in order to determine the level of popularity and interaction it enjoys with its followers. However, since a few of these aspects could be manipulated, it is important to also use tools such as an outbound link checker to quickly verify the links.

The next tip is to look at footer and navigation links and seek out high-prospect prospects such as guest writers, contributors, or other related links that can prove to have a high potential of turning into winners. Websites having high DA should be pursued with a higher level of eagerness and patience while changing your contact tactics based on the responses that you receive.

You should also look at websites as a SEO instead of a mere visitor since you will need to uncover prospects rather than merely admiring the rich content. Another tip is to create and maintain a detailed worksheet by using Excel or any other related tool to ensure that you do not waste time or effort while seeking out those prospects by ending up at the same websites.

These above tips will not only help you to seek out and identify high-potential prospects, but also make it easier to contact them through solid links that have a better chance of getting converted favorably. Use them and patiently follow them through to convert them into profits.

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