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Google had launched its Active View tool in 2012 and has achieved a memorable milestone by way of achieving accreditation from MRC (Media Rating Council). Google has worked hard and partnered with the industry to support a standard on viewable impressions.

All advertisers strive to not only produce great ads, but they also wish to know if their ads are seen on the chosen media such as internet, TV, etc. Google’s Active View tool makes it possible for advertisers to know when as well as for how long those digital ads were viewable on the screen of a visitor. Advertisers also get the option of only paying for such viewable ads, which in turn enables them to get the most out of their advertising campaign.

Google also offers other effective tools for brand-awareness campaigns such as TruView in AdMob and Lightbox. The company has already witnessed a rise of 65 percent in the last quarter of 2012 in the number of advertisers using its brand formats as well as purchasing these tools.

Viewability can certainly improve the value of the sites of publishers and marketers spend too. Google has ensured that their Active View tool does not only provide reports, but is also actionable. Advertisers can just pay only for those impressions that fulfill the standards laid by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of being at least 50 percent onscreen for a minimum of one second or more.

Active View is helpful for both Publishers and Advertisers, and Google plans to integrate this tool with DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick for Advertisers during 2013. Google expects this tool to become a new standard on the way impressions are purchased, sold, and measured. The company also thinks that Active View will replace the current “served impressions” metric in coming times.

Google has conducted tests to confirm how an increase in viewability helps improve the performance of an ad campaign and found out that viewers were 21 percent more likely to click on the viewable ads. Viewability also helps publishers achieve an average of double CTR in below-the-fold inventory. Google’s study indicates comparable CTR in case of viewable above and below-the-fold inventory.

Most importantly, Google found out a huge increase in click-through rates for ads that were viewed for a longer time. In fact, Google witnessed an increase of up to 125 percent for ads that were viewed for over 20 seconds.

Google states that it received MRC accreditation after its tool was scrutinized in great detail on a number of aspects such as the detection process, delivery standards, and quality control. This accreditation is applicable to DoubleClick for Advertisers and the Google Display Network.

The company hopes that this tool will turn into a viewable standard for its partners and help them connect with customers in a far more improved manner.

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