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There is no doubt that handheld devices like Tablets and Smartphones have become a part of our day to day lives. However, the most common complaint we get is that people can’t type fast while walking, standing, or while travelling in a moving car. Either the touch screen keypad is too small or there are unnecessary errors due to movement. To tide over this problem Google has already introduced a variety of features like “Speaking your queries”, or “Getting search results before you finish typing” or “Searching by Image”. There is new tool that will make your life even easier and that is Google Handwrite.

This feature allows you to write letters or words anywhere on the screen. The keyboard that used to take half of your screen will no longer appear and you can write the word, phrase or the sentence anywhere on the screen.

To use this feature all you have to do is go to on your mobile browser and click on the “Settings” select “Handwriting” and save your settings. You may have to refresh your homepage for the settings to take effect. Tablet users are well aware of the ‘gear icon’ on the right corner. Click the icon and select “Search Setting” and enable “Handwrite”. Once this is done a “Handwrite icon” will be displayed on the left bottom of the screen. Just tap it once to activate it and start writing with your finger. As you write a word the text box will begin the autocomplete feature and you can choose the appropriate option that closely matches your search. Now you no longer have to look back and forth at the keyboard and text box.

To learn a few more tips and tricks on how to use the “Handwrite” feature read the Help Center article. Please note that this feature is not a replacement for typing but it is designed to only complement the typing feature. This is still in the experimental stage and will get better as days go by. This feature works well on some browsers like Chrome and will very soon work as well on other browsers as it does on Chrome.

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