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Google announced its revenues are 15% up in the second quarter over its revenues in Q1. As against revenue of $10.65 billion in the first quarter the second quarter revenue is reported to be $12.21 billion. This is a significant 35 percent more than the revenue reported in the Q2 of 2011.

Larry Page was quoted as saying that the last few quarters have been exciting with Google’s standalone revenue being 21% higher year-on-year and coupled with the fact that Motorola is now a part of the Google family things are even better. Google is predictably excited about the launch of Nexus 7 tablet which has received very encouraging reviews.

Just glance at the following facts to understand Google Q2 figures

Google site revenues: A major chunk of Google revenues come from sites owned by Google. To speak in terms of figures 60% or $7.54 billion came from this source. This is 21% higher than what was reported last year. Last year revenues from Google owned sites stood at $6.23 billion only.

Google Network Revenues: Google partner sites accounted for 27% or $2.98 billon. This reflects an almost a 20% increase on the figures reported in Q2 of 2011 ($2.48billion in Q2)

International Revenues: Google’s revenue from the international market stood at the same figure declared in Q2 2011 i.e. 54%. Total revenue from the international market at the end of Q2 2012 is $5.96 billion. Revenue from the United Kingdom also stood at 11% of total Google revenue, the same as was reported in Q2 of 2011

Paid Clicks: Paid clicks in Q2 2012 increased by an impressive 42% over figures reported in Q2 2011. Paid clicks include the clicks on Google owned sites and that of its partners.

Cash: Cash, which includes marketable securities, cash, and cash equivalents stood at $43.1 billion.

Employees: There is a significant rise in the total employees worldwide. Today the total strength of Google is at 54,604 compared to 33, 077 in the same period last year. This rise in employee strength can be attributed to 20,293 Motorola employees who are now part of the Google family.

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