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Google’s In-Page Analytics is an excellent tool that provides reports on click-through rates of your website. You can easily analyze performance of each webpage and make improvements to enhance the quality of your website.

However, until now, you would have been able to only view data on click-through by way of URL and not by other details such as specific links and buttons. Hence, if your page did have more than one link that led to the exact same webpage then Google would have provided the same reports for all those links and you would not know as to which link was used by the visitor.

Google has now resolved the problem by providing detailed statistics that provide information on each link along with several other features. You will now be able to observe the number of clicks for each specific link even when multiple links lead to the same webpage. In addition, you will now be able to view detailed click-through information even if you have utilized redirects. If you have used JavaScript that utilize Navigations or Buttons then you will also be able to view click-through information.

If you want to implement the improved Link Attribution in your In-Page Analytics then you need to include additional 2 lines to activate this feature in your tracking snippet. You need to make the changes in your web property settings. Your In-Page Analytics can then be modified to use element IDs along with the destination URLs to deliver detailed reports.

Once you add the required lines then you will witness an “Add Subtitles’ Button in red in your In-Page Analytics. This feature along with others provide detailed information such as specific click through by redirects, clicks on thumbnails, text links, clicks on language filters, click submissions to several URLs, etc. You can visit the Help Center of Google to learn all about Enhanced Link Attribution in your In-Page Analytics.

Google will provide this feature to all users in the coming weeks. You will need to wait until you receive this option in your web property setting. In the meantime, you can begin to gather the required Link Attribution data and can begin to tag your pages. You will certainly be able to optimize your website content with the Enhanced Link Attribution feature.

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