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Google had revamped its Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center site that was launched in November-2011 to help users and advertisers find out about bad links. This feature worked automatically for users while the Google Ads Traffic Quality Team worked in the background to scrutinize traffic on the Ad Network of Google so that advertisers did not end up making payments for invalid traffic.

This tool was extremely helpful in helping advertisers maintain their AdWords as well as AdSense accounts. Google has now added several languages such as Polish, French, Arabic, and German in their Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center site.

In addition, Google has also created a short video that explains more about understanding ad traffic by helping you read your server logs as well as understanding actual visits from clicks through Google AdWords ads. You might find the English accent in the video a little hard to comprehend, but playing the video a couple of times as well as looking at accompanying graphics might help you get the required knowledge.

The video will help you to extract the most out of your AdWords campaign and also enable you to take corrective action once you decipher the actual visits through your ads. Tracking such leads will also help you to improve your ROI as well as future ad campaign strategies.

Google has done well to collect feedback from its advertisers and enhance their Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center site with the addition of new languages and a video that helps comprehend ad traffic. You can visit their site and also post your own feedback in case you require further help.

Tracking the actual performance of your ad campaign is naturally very important and the above enhancement will surely help you, especially if you wish to understand the details in languages other than English.

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