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Google has revealed vital details on how it combines various facets of computer science for hybrid research before launching projects. Google utilizes engineering, mathematical, and empirical approaches to deliver research results that are converted into innovative solutions for its users.

Rather than create artificial prototypes or conduct research in a limited lab environment that could delay projects, Google uses an integrated model that merges research and development to work on an un-paralleled scale. Their hybrid research is conducted on real systems that have millions of users so as to deliver actual research results along with path-breaking solutions to benefit users.

The internet explosion has resulted in unbelievably large databases and most projects at Google are now split into smaller modules that are handled together by researchers and engineers to deliver faster results with fewer glitches. Google has anyway benefited from economies of scale due to presence of a large infrastructure and ready resources.

Google also has an extremely large and capable human workforce that can work together in a way that blurs the fine line between research and engineering to engage in hybrid research in a balanced manner. Results such as Google Chrome, Android, Google Health, MapReduce, and countless others are testament of Google’s hybrid research capabilities.

Long term objectives are also implemented in different stages and launched when Google perfects each step along the way. Google has ensured that a flexible organizational configuration along with continuous engaging of the academic community provides faster and better results, which is so crucial in these fast-paced times.

Google has certainly utilized unique strategies that combine their research and engineering capabilities along with mammoth infrastructure to achieve their short and long term goals. This hybrid approach has certainly benefitted Google and the company hopes that other technology firms follow their unique approach to achieve improved results.

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