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Google has made tracking and optimizing complete sales cycles a lot easier with its latest offering, the AdWords Conversion Import. This feature allows advertisers to import offline conversions back in their AdWords account that may have begun through PPC leads.

This feature is activated as soon as an interested viewer clicks on your displayed ad. AdWords immediately sends you a unique click ID in the form of an alphanumeric string linking the click to that ad. This click ID will be saved on your database as soon as a prospective client fills up your form, which in turn contains all lead information.

Now, even if the deal is completed offline, it will still get recorded as an AdWord conversion once you enter the purchase order details into your database. The details of the sale including date and conversion type along with the matching click ID can be uploaded back in your AdWords account.

This process will hence provide a complete picture of just how your online ads have managed to create offline value. You can optimize your ad campaigns in a much more efficient manner thanks to all the online as well as offline data that you now have in your AdWords account. There is no limit to the types of conversions that you can feed, be it qualified leads or closed sales or any other type. Each conversion type can be tracked as well as optimized through the complete sales cycle.

You can also use several new options to track specific online conversions such as only sales from new clients, etc. Currently, the AdWords Conversion Import feature is not applicable for click-to-call since users need to actually visit your site to activate the unique click ID. While many other software firms such as Mongoose Metrics, Marketo, etc., have published their guidelines for offline tracking of conversions, Google too has done the same to help users upload conversion data out of Salesforce into AdWords.

You can learn more about AdWords Conversion Import by visiting the Google AdWords support page.

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