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After successfully testing the beta version of Dynamic Search Ads to improve leads and conversions for AdWords users, Google now offers this vital feature to all advertisers in the coming days. Since Google receives around 16 percent of totally new searches each day, it is extremely difficult for your ads to remain in sync with products that might be actually available at your website.

Your marketing campaign could contain thousands of keywords, but might yet end up missing relevant searches due to new products being added in your inventory, but not getting updated on your ads in time. Dynamic Search Ads or DSA enables Google to update your inventory with frequent indexing as well as generate headings and ads automatically or dynamically.

Google’s beta testing of DSA provided excellent results by way of a 10 percent increase in traffic and conversions from AdWords. In addition, the non-exact keyword results too witnessed a 10 percent rise on cost-per-click, clickthrough rate, and cost-per-action.

During the course of beta-testing, Google also managed to iron out several bugs and improve features provided by DSA. Google now ensures daily crawling at the least for pages indexed with DSA impression. The crawling frequency will be higher for pages that have more impressions. In other words, all new products added on your website will be featured with minimum time-lag thanks to this feature of DSA.

Another improvement in DSA by Google is to monitor conversion rates for specific queries for each advertiser and lower bids automatically in case conversion rates are lower. This feature of DSA will automatically help improve your ROI in the future. In addition, just as with your other search ads, ad extensions are also supported by Dynamic Search Ads.

Google has naturally provided full DSA support for mobile devices and tablets considering their increased popularity. Google’s beta testing has also proved compatibility between DSA and Conversion Optimizer in AdWords. This feature will help you optimize your bids automatically and help you reach out further to your target market while helping you reach your CPA goal too.

If you wish to exploit the tested features of Dynamic Search Ads in AdWords then you can start by visiting the Google AdWords help center. You can “Create a DSA Campaign” and “Set Up Dynamic Targets” at the help center and start to enjoy several benefits of DSA from Google.

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