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Google continues to do its bit in helping curb copyright violations by improving its search algorithm that now pushes violating websites further down the displayed results. Google will implement its revised search algorithm from next week that considers valid copyright removal notices for any website to determine its rankings.

Google will begin considering the number of removal requests pertaining to valid copyright removal notices received for particular websites and push them further down the results pages. Google believes that such a step will reward its users by helping them locate genuine websites, be it regarding genuine music or tv shows or any other site that requires display of copyrighted material.

Google has also stated that it has received copyright removal notices for more than 4.3 million URLs within the past month itself, which is far more than it did in the entire year of 2009. Google has implemented this data in determining page rankings of sites mentioned on those notices.

However, Google also understands that it is ultimately the courts that can decide whether a particular website has infringed upon any copyright and has hence decided to not to remove any webpage from its results until it receives a valid copyright removal notice from the concerned copyright holder. Google has also enabled those websites that feel that they have done no wrong to utilize the Counter-Notice tool to ensure that their webpage is re-instated back to the rightful results ranking.

Google has also promised to be completely transparent on this policy regarding removal of copyright infringing websites and claims that it has developed more than 200 signals that ensure the best possible results through their search algorithms. This move is surely a shot in the arm of those sites that hold valid copyrights and have been frustrated by violators snatching those rights and achieving higher page rankings in the process.

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