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Google has made it easier for you to simplify your ad campaign and manage it in a far more efficient manner by upgrading AdWords with the new enhanced campaign feature.

The AdWords team at Google noticed that people used an array of devices such as smartphones, tablets, hybrid devices, and televisions along with traditional PCs and laptops to communicate, browse, and shop online. In addition to varying screen sizes, specific devices have different needs and Google also found out that 90 percent of their consumers shifted between different screens to accomplish their chosen tasks.

While this offered businesses wonderful opportunities, it also created problems in marketing ads on different devices. For instance, a diner may wish to display their ad for viewers searching for “diners” on their PC along with an online menu and order form. However, that same diner may also wish to display their physical location through the restaurant locator to another visitor that wants to seek out a diner over his or her smartphone. Hence, it would become very important to display the right amount of information to visitors based on the devices used by them to view the ad.

Google has solved this problem by upgrading the Enhanced Campaign feature that can help you reach out to your target market by ads that are based on the device used by your audience, their location, and the time of the day. This feature enables you to reach out across all devices without the need to create and monitor different ad campaigns for different devices.

Some of the important features of this enhanced feature include the ability to manage your ads for various devices and locations along with the time of the day through a single ad campaign. You can indulge in bid adjustments and manage your budgets for multi-devices without any problems. For instance, you can ensure that your diner gets the best possible response by setting a 60 percent higher bid for people using smatphones, 30 percent lower in case of searches made after 3 pm, and set the bids at 20 percent higher for visitors that are within a mile of your diner.

Since the needs of a PC user may be different than that of a tablet or smartphone user, you can show ads based on device type that are offered with a matching sitelink, app, extension, or text. You need not edit your ad campaign to cater to each device separately.

The upgraded enhanced campaign feature from Google now allows you to measure calls including duration of calls as well as downloads of your apps as conversions within your AdWords reports. This is because you may never understand how your target visitor will react to your ad. He or she may contact you online, place a call, or download your offered app directly from your website.

Google plans to offer the upgraded Enhance Campaign feature to its advertisers as an option in the coming weeks and the company has plans to ensure complete up-gradation by the middle of 2013. You can visit Google Help Center, the AdWords Website, the AdWords Resources section, or the AdWords Community Forum to learn more about this upgraded feature and how to implement it for your ad campaign.

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