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Google’s new algorithm that sorts out all the information you search and comes with answers has an interesting name – Hummingbird. Here is what we know about it so far:

Google’s claims

According to Google the algorithm Hummingbird returns far better results than its predecessor.

PageRank is still around

PageRank is one of the 200 factors that are considered by the new algorithm to decide the quality of a webpage.

Why the name Hummingbird?

According to Google the new algorithm is as fast and agile as the hummingbird and hence the name.

When did Google begin using the new algorithm?

Sources in Google indicate that the new algorithm is being used for the past one month. It was only announced today.

What is the significance of Hummingbird?

Google claims it is a far more efficient algorithm than its predecessors.

When was the last time an algorithm was changed in Google?

The last major change happened 12 years ago in the year 2001. However, Caffeine Updates launched in 2010 also was significant, but it was not akin to change of algorithm.

What will happen to the Panda and Penguin updates Google did to their old algorithm?

The new algorithm uses many parts of the old algorithm, Panda and Penguin included. However, this is a brand new algorithm.

But why not replace the old algorithm with the new one totally?

Google feels that certain good parts of the old algorithm still have value and are hence retained in the new algorithm.

How does Hummingbird help search?

The new algorithm addresses conversational search much better. The new search algorithm understands your intent, context, and location better and returns results that are most relevant to you. In the earlier version Google banked too heavily on keywords, key phrases, etc.

Is it any better than the previous?

There is no way we can test this at the moment. However, we will have to take Google’s word for it. In the new search engine you are directed to specific pages depending on your search term instead of generic results.

Will it make ‘The Google Experience’ worse?

No absolutely not. We can bank of Google’s expertise to serve the best they think is for web users.

Will SEO die as a result of the new algorithm?

No, signals that were important in the past will continue to influence search results. Content remains the key factor. The new algorithm only processes information faster than the old algorithm.

Will we lose traffic because of this new algorithm?

The new algorithm is being used for the past one month. If you have not lost traffic in the past month you are unlikely to be affected by it.

What about those that lost traffic?

Loss of traffic can be attributed to several factors which are still retained in the new algorithm. Google will continue to refine, tweak, and improve the new algorithm, therefore if your content is not of high quality and if you still practice bad SEO tactics you will lose traffic.

Google shared some of the above information today and the above information is based on the discussion we had with their executives.

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