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Post penguin algorithm updates countless websites went into search engine oblivion. The primary reason was bad linking practices, lack of social media signals, and poor content. This has necessitated a good content strategy. Without a good content strategy it is nearly impossible for potential customers to find your website.

Whether your goal is to squeeze in some extra revenue for your business or whether your site is your primary business location, you need a content strategy that will establish your brand image and convert fence sitting customers to real and repeat customers.

Some basic points that you need to remember are that your content has keep your potential customers engaged and help rank your site higher on continuous basis.

So, what is content?

Content is information in audio, visual, or written form. This includes blogs, articles, videos, interviews, comments, letters to consumers, social media posts, podcasts, pictures, infographics, website copy, etc. All content created on your website should be potential and existing customer focused. To check if your content is satisfying all the norms ask yourself a few questions.

Who is the content directed at?

Your content should primarily target your consumers/customer and not your peers. Well written content targeted at peers and not consumers does not return the dividends you expect. Potential clients will find this highly technical content boring. Therefore take a step back and evaluate your content to see if it is addressing your target audience. When publishing content on external publishers make sure the content still targets your audience thus improving your brand image.

Do you really know your customer?

Don’t classify your audience broadly instead be as precise as you can be and create content for that audience if you wish to gain traction. Your content should reflect on questions like “how to choose a xyz product/service”? Or “Top 10 things you need to know about xyz”, etc

Solve customer problems

Your content should help the customer find solutions to their problems. Talk of the problem and how your product or service helps alleviate the customer’s problems. At times focus on the basics for your general audience. Typical solutions that customers want answers to are cost, turnaround time, unexpected incidents during the use of the product, after sales service, where and how it is produced, maintenance, etc.

Engage your audience

Write and publish content that is in line with the interests of your customers. Search online and you will realize what your target audience is looking for. The most common things customers want are top “5 things you want to know…”, “Top 10 list of …”, etc.

Provide a call to action

Having done all the above it is time you got your pound of flesh back. Now the only way you can do this by pushing your potential customer to take an action. Without a strong call to action all the above exercise would be futile. Prompt your customers to get in touch with you via mail for further information or motivate them to pick up the phone and talk to your customer service representative or at least direct them to a page where they can make a trial purchase.

Check if your content is fulfilling all the above points, if not, it is time you overhauled your content strategy.

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