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The general trend you see in the discussions on mobile SEO focuses more on the numbers/statistics. It is important to know how many customers are using mobile technology, but what is more important is to know how, where, and for what purposes customers are using mobiles.

Let’s ignore the statistics for a while and look at three important points

  • Technical requirements for great mobile SEO
  • What are mobile specific keywords and how to identify them?
  • How to stop focusing on “Killer Content”?

User Experience and SEO

There is a great deal of overlap of user experience and SEO. Not all businesses understand that user experience plays a key role in the success of the business. Only when the experience is unique will the ranking go up otherwise it is all downhill.

Ranking factors, personalization, and signals aren’t very different in Mobile SEO from desktop SEO. However, Google’s mobile algorithm ranks those websites higher that receive tangible, immediate, and positive feedback from users. The way you can get all these is by reducing your page load time, getting a handle on your bounce rate, and substantially reducing your redirects. These three things will make a great deal of difference to your customers.

Relevant keywords

Mobile SEO depends a great deal on identifying keywords that have traffic potential from a mobile user’s perspective. Identify all such keywords and include them in your titles, on-page content, and meta tags. Having a few pages dedicated to target audiences with these keywords is also a good idea.


The phrase “Content is King” is passé. For mobile users content is king, but what takes the cake is ‘Context’. Mobile users don’t like to navigate deep when researching products or buying them. If you have relevant and contextual content you save their time and thus improve user experience. When the experience is bad the bounce rate shoots up and when Google notices that you are going to be doomed.

We hope that this article gives you a fair idea of what is essential for Mobile SEO Services.

Watch this space as we will continue to bring to you more information that will help you make your mobile SEO user centric.

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