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Many people engage in guest blogging without giving it much thought. Most don’t maintain high standards and are subsequently seen as paid links by Google. This defeats the very purpose of gaining exposure and traffic. If you want to fine-tune your guest blogging style, here are some points you need to focus on:

Never post something that is off topic or irrelevant to the subject of the blog. An occasional press blog is okay, but posting irrelevant posts with keyword rich anchor text will invite punishments and penalties. Such posts are seen as paid links.

Whenever you invite someone to guest post something, include a paragraph in the post that talks about the authors credentials as an expert in that field. Also make sure the guest blogger is not inserting keywords in his anchor text to generate links.

Always invite someone that will post something that will add value to your audiences. For example posts like ‘Buy cheap Cialis’ is an obvious paid link, however, some posts are irrelevant to the subject and more often than not their origin can be traced to article marketers. Such text is generally infused with keyword rich anchor text.

Low quality blogs is common these days. Instead of having a plethora of low quality blogs, have few blog posts that are of the highest quality. Even if it means you have to pay your invitees, it is money well spent.

Put a cap on the number of guest bloggers you have on your blog. Guest blogging is not a full time job do it in moderation. The moment Google realizes that guest blogs are veiled paid links they will be marked and penalized.

In case you are engaging in guest blogging it is essential that you do it in moderation. Make sure you stick to the topic of the blog and offer valuable insights to the audience of that blog. Only if you are an expert in that field offer advice or else it is wise to stay away from such things.

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