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Whenever you type a company’s name in the search box on Google you are suggested with words like ‘scam’ and ‘complaints’ by Google’s Autocomplete feature. Now this is really bad for your reputation and your business! More and more companies are facing this problem and are looking for solutions to address this before it spirals out of control.

The only way out of this unenviable situation is hiring a Online Reputation Management company that will develop solutions and put in place strategies that will influence Google Autocomplete.

The first step involves identifying the source of the problem to determine if the company does indeed have any bad practices and or if an upset employee has posted negative and scathing remarks about the company’s operations. Then develop a strategy to positively impact Google’s Autocomplete so that only positive aspects and activities of the company are highlighted on Google Autocomplete.

The best strategy to rectify this problem is to adopt a data driven approach. Begin by making a database of what Google Autocomplete suggests most number of times for companies. Identify and make a list favored values that Google favors when making Autocomplete suggestions. Then promote the specific word in articles, blogs, posts, reviews, webpage content, etc to positively influence Google Autocomplete suggestions.

Broadly Google’s Autocomplete algorithm is primarily based on three main influencers

  1. Keywords on the web
  2. Search volume and searcher location
  3. Social media mentions of the keyword on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

If an Online Reputation Management company can obtain these three items in significant quantities for the desired keywords then influencing Google Autocomplete strategies can be put in place.

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