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Google recently made the switch and today no longer considers keyword data. Every term typed in the search box of their search engine returned “Not provided” in Google analytics. This is because all searches henceforth are over the HTTPS instead of HTTP. You will no longer have access to keyword data.

All those that were working in the ‘search” field will now have to focus on things like site architecture, content, social media, and link building among many other factors. Getting a ranking to your liking is going to be difficult to say the least.

However, this is not to say that people didn’t celebrate the new developments. Here is how people responded to the new developments.

Not Provided’ = Pure protein

Most felt that Not Provided equals a protein pack where the ingredients are not provided. They have applauded this development as a new alternate product instead of consuming older products. This product is especially useful for athletes engaged in style sports.


Twitter is abuzz with tweets from several people making sarcastic comments about ‘Not Provided’.

Poster wars

Some Twitter users have taken to designing posters similar to film posters that announce “The Invasion of keyword snatchers”, “Keyword Apocalypse Now”, etc.

Sarcastic comments

Sarcastic comments like “not provided” the most searched keyword are appearing in the United Kingdom. In fact there is special website which claims that it is the number one website that converts keywords across all websites, all platforms, and all industries. This website is also available for sale if someone is ready to shell out a million dollars.


It would be quite out of character if the internet didn’t have some funny memes on ‘not provided’. Check out some funny memes and have a good laugh. However, if you come across some really great memes do tweet them at @sewatch so that all can enjoy.

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