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If you have an e-commerce website then you may be depending a lot on organic search traffic to bring in large number of potential customers, especially through long tail queries. As ROI on organic search is exceptionally good, it does make sense to make it an integral part of your marketing campaign.

However, there are a few challenges posed due to problems with precise analytics, SERP, and even PLA issues. With the advent of mobiles has come the problem of No Query since a significant share of traffic from mobile is not being presented in the correct category. All efforts towards organic search that require a query such as those calculating conversion rates based on queries or SEO strategies based on traffic achieved through specific queries will provide inaccurate results unless the No Query factor is included in the results.

The same problem exists with mobile traffic. Both Android 4 and iOS6 display organic search traffic through mobiles in Analytics reports in the form of Direct traffic. However, if you view the report then you will clearly understand that no one can enter a complete long URL string straight into the address bar along with a specific category or page of that site. Hence, a part of the Direct traffic does indicate an attribution issue. In simple terms, organic search traffic through an analytics system can provide inaccurate and under-reported data.

Another problem that is increasing with each passing day is the shrinking area or real estate provided to organic search results. A recent study found that a mere 13 percent of results on a page were organic while AdWords results grabbed 29 percent real estate on a page. In case of PLAs, it was worse since big images ended up pushing organic search results down the fold.

PLAs do offer several advantages since images relate quickly to viewers, especially if they are relevant to the queries. However, they do pose problems as viewers may consider PLA results to be a signal to further refine their queries or even go straight to a shopping site. PLAs can also snatch away traffic thanks to their visual advantage and Google’s image changes for SERP pages have certainly resulted in a reduction of organic traffic.

Here is how you can increase and sustain organic search traffic. You can begin by addressing the above issues by firstly not relying completely on your chosen analytical system. You must also adjust your organic search results to factor in No Query as well as Mobile traffic for improved accuracy. Since attribution models can be biased, you need to dig far deeper than the last click. An increasing number of people are starting a search on smartphones or tablets, but converting through laptops, desktops, or other online sources, which needs to be analyzed and attributed to the correct mode.

In addition, you need to avoid depending merely on rankings and scrutinize for relationships including correlations and causation, different SERP locations, organic ranking for specific queries, conversions, and of course, revenues. Since top rankings in organic as well as paid results can enhance brand reputation and boost conversions, you must tie up with expert and experienced solution providers that can help you achieve your aim.

You also need to come up with imaginative strategies to continually boost returns and reduce cost-per-acquisition. You should focus on long tail in case there is nothing more to extract from the head or torso. In paid and organic, you will encounter less competition while getting very strong signals in terms of customer intent. Even if you get lower organic traffic, you need to ensure that the limited clicks you receive get transformed into conversions. You and your e-commerce team must combine forces to ensure that viewers to your website arriving through mobile devices or computers get a fantastic user experience, which in turn will boost conversions and revenues.

You need to continually measure, optimize, and improvise to ensure that you can increase organic search traffic to your e-commerce website.

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