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Google has recently launched its Penguin update that is programmed to aggressively weed out spamming and phishing websites. However, you too need to pull up those virtual socks to ensure that your website is not flagged by this revised update and sent packing to the bottom of the rankings chart.

Rather than waiting for poor page rankings results before acting, a wise step would be to become proactive during submissions itself to avoid disappointment. The first step is to actually confirm if Google has indexed the directory since if it has not then you should simply avoid that directory.

Seeking focused and niche directories are the key to pleasing the Penguin in coming times. Directories with high SERPs and relevant keywords that you wish to include should be your target before submissions.

With the Penguin paying higher attention to quality inbound links, your next task should be to identify and remove and bad links that have been intentionally or inadvertently inserted in an effort to please search engine robots. Remember to simply utilize quality deep links as well as related keywords to remain on the right side of the Penguin.

Avoiding automated submission tools is also a good idea post Penguin updates since the aim now should be to engage only in related submissions rather than flooding directories with submissions. You need to continually and minutely monitor the content as well as rating of your website more than ever to ensure that there are no mistakes discovered after submissions since it will take a lot of time to claw back into favorable rankings.

Google’s new Penguin update might have rattled webmasters around the globe, but instead of panicking, a few vital steps before submissions should keep you pleased after allowing the Penguin to have a go at your highly optimized website. An ethically optimized website with clean links and submissions to related directories should ensure a happy wave from Google’s Penguin.

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